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What Our Clients Say

Michelle Boone - Regional Manager Operations

To tell you the truth, I really didn’t know what to expect when I contact Logonado for my website. I was a little hazy about what I wanted since I didn’t have the technology background. I was so relieved when the team took me under their wings and started explaining everything to me. Without their continuous consultation, I would have ended up with a website that I knew nothing about. They took me through the entire process and really helped me. When the finalized website was shown to me, it was better than what I had ever imagined. The colors were stunning, the content was very engaging and the overall look was great. Even now if I have any problems I contact these guys and they still answer all my questions. WOW! Now that’s a customer service that I can whole-heartedly recommend.

Amber Talley - Jr Head of Operations

This was my third time having my logo developed and I had made up my mind that if it didn’t work out I would do it myself. Thanks to the people at Logonado, I was saved from this trouble. They really listened to me with patience as I walked them through the previous failed attempts. I told them everything about what I wanted from my logo. Once they had all the information, they set out to design the first few concepts. The concepts that they showed me were all amazing, but I had my eyes set on one of them so I finalized it. They went about their work, updating me regularly about the status. When the final logo was delivered it blew my mind. I’m glad I landed on their website instead of someone else’s.

Cameron Nichols - Head of Department

I didn’t know how much important my stationery was for my brand and didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on stuff that I might never get to use. I’m glad I did. The team at Logonado explained everything to me in a succinct and precise manner. They offered me very affordable packages that put me at my ease. I had them draw up the complete set of stationery and when it came to me I was exceptionally pleased with the results. My logo looked great in everything and every piece of communication highlighted my brand. Now I communicate with my clients, my vendors, my shareholders and everyone else with full confidence, knowing that my brand is being represented.

Adam Lopez - Manager Operations

I was organizing an event for my company and wanted to reach all my target audience locally so as to have the most attendance. I contacted Logonado for designing flyers that would really stun the people and make them want to attend my event. I had a lot riding on this event and wanted everything to be perfect. When the guys pitched their ideas to me about the flyers I was ecstatic. They had exceeded all my expectations and the flyers looked amazing. I immediately gave them the go ahead and they set about designing the final piece. I did have a few suggestions that they immediately applied to the design. The colors, the choice of font, the graphics, and the content everything worked in unison to deliver the most stunning results. At my event, I could see that the flyers had worked their magic and people were coming from all over the town. I got a lot of leads and even some confirmed buyers. I am definitely recommending these guys and I know exactly who to call for my upcoming events.